A Meditation on Consciousness: the physics of intentionality and prayer | Forum

Jon Trevathan
Jon Trevathan Jul 13 '15
This paper explores the role that "information" may playin a new theory of consciousness through a convergence of physics and neuroscienceIn the "Meditations" that follow, I will suggest that information is the monistic "common denominator" through which the Cartesian mind-body problem may be resolved.   I will begin with a speculative quantum mechanical model which potentially provides the information reservoir that the philosopher, David Chalmers, believes a "fundamental theory of consciousness" requires.  I will next examine the model's underlying assumptions and provide supporting arguments based on Black Hole cosmology and Reversible Computers.  I will then restate the model as modes of thought and as the Hindu Aum (or Om).  Finally, I will explore the model's implications in our lives, to include how prayer and intentionality may alter the probabilities of what occurs in our lives.