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Damon Sprock
Damon Sprock Jul 13 '14
The Vatican continues to convene and debate the issue of unifying science and religion, which has not occurred in more than four hundred years.

The Church has had its membership in decline for many years, now. Heads of the clergy are deeply concerned about this matter and are now coming to the realization that a new paradigm of thought is needed to bring its members back to the fold.

The 21st Century is the age of communication and the search for knowledge. Never in our human history has so much information been made available with just a touch of a button. With the continuous flow of knowledge being absorbed into our brains and continuing on into our subconscious mind hologram, it is for this reason that humans are seeking answers to the mysteries of science and religion.

In 2011, Pope Benedict announced that the Vatican would consider the Big Bang theory, if God were a participant. It was for this reason that  my paper, "The Spiritual Big Bang: Origin of Universe," was sent to the Vatican in 2012. The Spiritual Big Bang: Origin of Universe attachment can be viewed in the forum section, God and Science. We can no longer cling to archaic belief systems. With the present status of science and its ninety-three percent of scientists who are atheists, it is no wonder that there exists a divide which has prevented science and religion from achieving valuable discoveries that could carry humanity through the 21st Century and beyond. The philosophy of one century is the common sense of the next.

These same scientists believe they will discover the true origin of the universe. The Higgs-Boson  (God particle) is the latest of laboratory findings, and even this theory has its short-comings. The truth of the matter is that scientists will not discover the origin of the universe without understanding the spiritual phenomenon of pure light frequency. It is frequency that created the universe. Pure light is the basic foundation of all universal structure. It is the light that brought structure to the void. It is frequency that raises our level of human consciousness, the evolution of consciousness. It cannot be discovered or measured with laboratory instruments. The only way we experience pure light frequency is when our physical bodies cease to function and our spirit returns to its origin - God's spiritual dimension.
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