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There exists something

because there is

absolutely nothing.


And there is absolutely nothing

because the absence of nothing

cannot be.


If you eliminate everything

then you are left

with nothing.

And if you then eliminate nothing

you are still left

with nothing.


And because the absence of nothing

cannot be

nothing is not absent

but is present.


And this Presence,

which is Nothing,

is that which creates



Nothing creates something

by forming a relation

with the only thing there is,

which is Nothing.


And the something

which is created by Nothing

is known by that Nothing

as reality. 


Reality is just an appearance

a boundary that arises,

a shadow that forms,

a reflection that appears,

where Nothing meets Itself

as it moves and flows

in relation to Itself.


And the Nothing

which knows as reality

the something

that Nothing has created

is what we call Consciousness.


And so it is that the Nothing,

the formless Presence,

that we call Consciousness

creates the something

that we call reality,

and not the other way around.


But when Nothing

mistakes itself

for something,

Nothing becomes obscured

by the something

it then knows

as itself.


And so when Consciousness

mistakes itself

for reality,

Consciousness becomes obscured

by whatever reality

it then knows

as itself.


And so Nothing,

the formless I am,

seems to become

I am this or I am that,

and so is known by Itself

as something.


And that something that Nothing

knows as itself

it refers to as "me."


And that "me"

is what we

refer to as ego.


And so Nothing

becomes entangled in the somethings

it is Itself creating

and which it alone knows

as something.


You may mistake yourself

for your reflection,

but because the reflection

is not actually you

it does not know.


And Nothing may mistake itself

for something,

but because something

is not actually Nothing

it cannot know.


Only Nothing can know,

because only Nothing actually is.

Everything else, all somethings,

are created by Nothing

and so only exist,

and so only appear

as what actually is.


And so even when you know

yourself to be something

and thereby obscure the Nothing

you actually are,

that Nothing is still there

hiding behind the something

you now appear to be,

because if it wasn't

then you wouldn't

know anything.

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