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We look into the Universe

and see that it consists

of both objects

and the space out of which

those objects arise.


But when we look at ourselves

we see only an object,

only a form.


And yet even our bodies

consist mostly of space,

just like the Universe

out of which we grow

like fruit on a tree.


We just don't see it,

so we pretend

that it's not there.


So we look at the Universe

and we see form and formlessness

but when we look at ourselves

we see only form

and not the Formlessness.


This is our first mistake,

if one wants to call it that,

and really our only mistake,

because all other mistakes

are just the continuation

of this one mistake.


And what is this one mistake,

that is not really a mistake,

but just a necessary part of the game

of cosmic hide and seek

that we came to play?


It is the twin ideas

that what we are

is only a form,

and that what we are not

is the Formlessness

in which all forms arise.


If someone said the Universe

consisted of only the objects

and not the space

that is also clearly there,

we would then say

they were either crazy or blind.


But when we know ourselves

as only an object,

as only a form,

and not at all as the Formlessness

that is also clearly here

where we are,

we call this normal,

we call this seeing things

as they are.


What is this Formlessness,

in which all forms arise?


What is it within yourself

that is formless?


I will give you a hint.

It is not your mind,

nor is it space,

for mind and space,

as formless as they may seem,

are themselves subtle forms,

from which the less subtle forms

of thought and matter arise.


For if neither mind nor space had some form,

if neither mind nor space had some structure,

no matter how subtle,

then the forms we call thought and matter

could themselves have no structure,

and so would themselves have no form.


So what is it within yourself

that is truly formless?


I will give you another hint.

It is That by which you know

both the subtle forms

of mind and space,

and the less subtle forms

of thought and matter

that arise within mind and space.


It has always been there,

you just do not recognize it

as either a valid part

of what you are,

or as the essential part

of what you are.


Which is more real,

form or Formlessness?


Which is more enduring,

the objects that arise in space

or the space in which

those objects arise?


The forms seem more real

than the Formlessness

when form is all

you know yourself to be.


But once you recognize

the part of yourself

that has been hiding from you,

and yet was always there

in plain sight,

then what once seemed most real

becomes the shadow

and what seemed to be the shadow

becomes what is most Real.


And then the game

becomes much more fun

becomes much more enjoyable

becomes much more filled with joy

and so less filled with the suffering

that seems to make this life

a burden, a task, a chore,

rather than the game

that it really always has been.


When you do not recognize

your True Nature,

you cannot recognize the Universe

as your Self,

and so then the Universe,

which is really your closest friend,

appears as your opponent.


And then what is really only a game

being played between friends,

being played with your Self,

appears as a battle

between sworn enemies.


And so we find ourselves

in almost perpetual conflict

with this or that form,

with this or that situation,

with this or that person,

with this or that nation,

because we do not see those forms

as our Self,

because we cannot see the Formlessness

within our own selves.


Blind to the Formlessness

of which all forms are composed

we are blind to That

which connects all forms,

and so blind to That

which makes all forms One.


Love thy neighbor as thy self

was not a command,

nor even a suggestion,

but simply a statement

regarding how one will feel

about the Universe of things,

about the Universe of forms,

once it is realized

that the Kingdom of Heaven

is truly within us

as the Emptiness,

the Formlessness,

the Fullness of Life,

that is already here,

has always been here,

and will always be here


in this Moment

as our true and essential Nature.

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